The Sullivans

Lamh Foistenach Abú
"The Steady Hand to Victory"

From California to The World

With most of the kids having grown since childhood in Aptos California, you can now find members of the family spread across the U.S. Built on strong foundations, each of the Sullivans are currently pursuing their passions and dreams in their own domains.


Having grown up in Central California and spent time serving in the United States Air Force both nationally and abroad, Brian planted roots deep into California and found his home in Aptos. He has since built a career around sales, marketing, operations, and client management in the fields of semiconductors and other highly-technical components. Brian’s current focuses involve leading and mentoring a growing team at Harrington. He is also the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Aptos.

Brian & Karen currently reside in Aptos, CA.


With an extensive background in directing financial operations on a large scale for both private and public/non-profit organizations, Karen has built and grown many organizations in Central California. Fueled by a passion for growing individuals and imparting strong foundations into her four children, every step she takes is always forward. She now exclusively operates her own business on the Central Coast and focuses on spending quality time with her family, horses, and clients.

Karen & Brian currently reside in Aptos, CA.


Early on the scene of the digital revolution of the early 2000s, Josh quickly found a passion for tinkering and hardware. With an extensive history and multiple certifications in building and supporting computers and user workflows, Josh can both build you a network and walk you through how to use it efficiently. Ever-interested in the well-being of personal clients, Josh currently works with individuals and families on home and small-scale projects to ensure technical quality and custom-fit solutions with a personal touch.

Josh currently resides in Aptos, CA.


You might’ve seen Joel in his early years competing at Quarter Horse shows across the West Coast. Soon after culminating his AQHA career with a few World Championship titles, Joel kicked off his business career in similar fashion: with a competitive spirit aiming for success. His determination and consistent efforts to build a strong team are the hallmark of his works. Joel continues to mentor and grow those around him while overseeing, operating, and managing at Target in St. Paul.

Joel now resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife, Amanda.


Undoubtedly a future author in communications, Jordan has always been a master of quickly learning how to effectively communicate with the people around him. He’s consistently leveraged this skill-set to build a valuable network around himself and continues to mentor and foster leadership qualities in those he interacts with. Jordan currently leads and facilitates high-end vehicle sales to private parties.

Jordan now resides in Santa Cruz, CA with his fiancée, Lauren.


Following a prosperous early-life photography business, Jon found his passion in life sooner than most: finding new ways to converge digital technology with the physical world. Thanks to a fruitful football career, Jon attended Denison University and graduated with a Computer Science degree in 2017. Having worked on a number of high-profile and comprehensive projects, Jon now works on a focused team of engineers building IKE Smart City: a venture aimed directly at bringing technology into the physical world to improve lives in cities.

Jon currently resides in Columbus, OH.